Friday, September 9, 2011

Superman guides us through the New 52 - O.M.A.C.

You know what doesn't make me mad?

Another installment of Superman guiding us through the New 52, that's what!

And since we just happen to have a picture of Superman duking it out with OMAC up top, we might as well talk about O.M.A.C. #1 by Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen.

When I first heard they were bringing this title back, my first thought was "Really? With DiDio writing?" Then I saw that Keith Giffen was on pencils and plots and all is right with the world. After reading this issue, I'm glad to say that not only is everything right with the world, it's even better!

This issue scratched the Kirby itch in a big way, that not even Morrison was able to do during his Final Crisis saga. It's an unapologetic homage to the mad-cap craziness that was Kirby at DC during the early 70's. The fact that they were able to work a "Build-A-Friend" into the first issue was just the icing on the cake. For those of you unaware, that's one of those flying bathtub ladies from the cover of the original OMAC #1.

As much fun as the story was, it wouldn't have been half as entertaining without the fantastic pencils of Keith Giffen. I've been a fan of his style for a long time, but I haven't had this much fun with the energy and dynamism (is that a word?) of his stuff since his early Defenders.

All in all, if DC can manage to make the rest of their fringe and bottom-tier titles half as entertaining as this one, they just might be on to something with this whole reboot thing.

Script by Len Wein
Pencils by George Perez
Inks by Pablo Marcos
Colors by Gene D'Angelo
Letters by John Costanza

DC Comics Presents #61
The Once And Future War!
September 1983
Copyright (c) DC Comics


Story by Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen
Pencils by Keith Giffen
Inks by Scott Koblish
Colors by Hi-Fi
Letters by Travis Lanham

O.M.A.C. (Vol. 2) #1
Office Management Amidst Chaos
November 2011
Copyright (c) DC Comics

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Superman guides us through the New 52 - Action Comics

I've often wondered what it must have been like to pick up a copy of Action Comics #1 off the newsstand and read it back in the day.

After today, I have just the slightest glimmer of that experience.

Grant Morrison and Rags Morales' reboot of Superman was everything that I hoped it would be. It was wonderfully golden age in its themes and visuals, yet decidedly modern age in its storytelling and execution.

This was a Superman unencumbered by years of pre-existing stories, freeing him up to do what Superman was originally intended to do...fight for the people who couldn't fight for themselves, or were powerless before the rich and corrupt. That's not to say that the planet and universe didn't need saving many times over in the intervening decades, but by taking Superman back to the roots of his roots, we're getting our freshest take since All-Star Superman.

And while Morrison is sure to receive the lion's share of credit for this issue, you'd be foolish to overlook the contribution of Rags Morales, Rick Bryant, and Brad Anderson. Together, the three of them have put together one of the most fluid comic books I've read in some time. Each page flowed into the next one, never leaving me with any question about what was going on. Damn, if this wasn't one fine looking book.

Both of the central creators have had the occasion where the "confusing" Morrison or "rushed" Morales has shown up, thankfully this was not one of those times. If the New 52 had done nothing other than give us this Superman, you'd be hard pressed to call it anything other than a smashing success.

And my favorite part?

That right there is a Superman I want to read for the next few decades.

Script by Jerry Siegel
Artwork by Joe Shuster

Action Comics #1
Superman, Champion Of The Oppressed!
June 1938
Copyright (c) DC Comics


Script by Grant Morrison
Pencils by Rags Morales
Inks by Rick Bryant
Colors by Brad Anderson
Letters by Patrick Brosseau

Action Comics (Volume 2) #1
Superman Versus The City Of Tomorrow
November 2011
Copyright (c) DC Comics

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The new guy

"Yeah, sorry about that Batman. I'd totally be down with teaming up, but Powerman doesn't think it's the right move for me at this point in my career. You understand, right?"

And sorry from me about the recent spate of posts on autopilot. It's been an exceptionally busy period for my secret identity, and I didn't get as far ahead as I usually like to be after the summer.

In fact, this whole month is going to be a little touch and go as things don't appear to be lightening up, so I'm thinking about messing with the format for the month of September to amp up the excitement and danger level. We'll see if I can keep the daily posts going, while flying by the seat of my pants.

So join us tomorrow as the pre-crisis, post-crisis, golden age, and silver age version of Superman takes us on a whirlwind tour of the new DCU.

Script by Edmond Hamilton
Pencils by Dick Sprang
Inks by Stan Kaye

World's Finest Comics #94
The Origin Of The Superman-Batman Team!
May/June 1958
Copyright (c) DC Comics

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Many Lives of Superman #14

The Many Lives of Superman

Green Lantern!

Script by Paul Levitz
Pencils by Curt Swan
Inks by Francisco Chiaramonte
Colors by Jery Serpe
Letters by Ben Oda

DC Comics Presents #6
The Fantastic Fall of Green Lantern!
February 1979
Copyright (c) DC Comics

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Many Lives of Superman #13

The Many Lives of Superman

The Flash!

Script by Cary Bates
Pencils by Curt Swan
Inks by Bob Oksner

Action Comics #441
Weather War Over Metropolis!
November 1974
Copyright (c) DC Comics

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Many Lives of Superman #12

The Many Lives of Superman

a.k.a. The Great Kento

Script by Leo Dorfman
Pencils by Curt Swan
Inks by George Roussos

Action Comics #382
Clark Kent, Magician
November 1969
Copyright (c) DC Comics

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Many Lives of Superman #11

The Many Lives of Superman


Script by Robert Kanigher
Pencils by Ross Andru
Inks by Mike Esposito

Superman #216
The Soldier Of Steel!
May 1969
Copyright (c) DC Comics

Friday, September 2, 2011

One last time...

We celebrated the new beginning yesterday, but there was one more panel that deserves a shout out from this week's books, and that's the last in-continuity appearance of the old Superman.

Yep, there goes the Post-Crisis/Pre-Flashpoint Superman, dissolving into the speed force.

Rest easy big guy, as you definitely earned it.

I'll be seeing you in the longboxes as always. In the meantime, however, let's see what this new upstart can do.

Script by Geoff Johns
Pencils by Andy Kubert
Inks by Sandra Hope & Jesse Delperdang
Colors by Alex Sinclair
Letters by Nick J. Napolitano

Flashpoint #5
Flashpoint Part Five Of Five
October 2011
Copyright (c) DC Comics

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Superman - Day One

And so it begins...again.

Script by Geoff Johns
Pencils by Jim Lee
Inks by Scott Williams
Colors by Alex Sinclair
Letters by Patrick Brosseau

Justice League #1
Justice League Part One
October 2011
Copyright (c) DC Comics