Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Superman 101 on Superman #101

So here's a post that I'm shocked took me a week to get to.

Superman 101 takes a look at Superman (Vol. 2) #101! I'd love to take a pic from volume one, but it's not in my collection. It was quite a pleasant surprise, however, to see some Gil Kane art pop up in the second series.

And who better to draw Superman in his best Conan pose than Gil Kane. Put a little fur lining on those boots and a sword in his hand, and you're all set!

That's also quite the contrast from yesterday's striking image of Clark Kent cool!

Script by Dan Jurgens
Layout art by Gil Kane
Inks by Josef Rubinstein
Colors by Glenn Whitmore
Letters by Albert DeGuzman

Superman (Vol. 2) #101
June 1995
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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