Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday versus #6

Superman vs. Highly Evolved Dinosaur

Nowhere in the rules for Sunday versus posts does it say that I can't use a panel that features highly evolved dinosaurs returning to Earth to reclaim their birthworld from the usurping human race.

Script by William Woolfolk
Artwork by Kurt Schaffenberger
Colors by Gene D'Angelo
Letters by Milt Snapinn

Action Comics #576
Earth's Sister Planet!
February 1986
Copyright (c) DC Comics


  1. it's things like this that are the reason I love superman comics....INSANELY AWESOME IDEAS!
    also if you're interested I have some superman art up on my blog:

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Nathan!

    I agree about the insanely awesome ideas that are floating around the pages of Superman comic books. Luckily for us, we have 70+ years worth of material to choose from.

    Thanks for giving me the heads up on your blog too. I'll be keeping an eye on it for more Superman art in the future!