Monday, April 25, 2011

Ten Days of Action Comics #7

Seven hundred issues in, and we finally hit the 1990's with our ten day long celebration of the longevity of Action Comics. Today's anniversary issue is #700 and I have to reluctantly say, it's the only real stinker of the bunch.

Readers of my other blog, The Random Longbox, are no doubt well aware of my admiration for the artwork of Jackson Guice. His work on Doctor Strange in the late 80's made me a fan for life. I'm just thankful that this issue wasn't my first exposure to his work.

It's a good cover concept, it just loses something in the translation. And if you can get past the woefully outdated hair styles, the inside work is actually pretty stellar.

Artwork by Jackson Guice

Action Comics #700
June 1994
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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