Monday, March 7, 2011

The Best Worst of 90's Cover Gimmicks Week, Day #2

Day two of our celebration of the best worst that the 90's were able to throw at us continues with a cover that is probably the most generically 90's of the bunch.

Action Comics #695

It's got silver foil and a raised cover!

One of those gimmicks alone would've been good enough in the heyday of 1994, but with two of 'em...look out!

But you know what makes this one worthy of celebration? It's the fact that it was entirely unwarranted. The biggest thing that happens this issue is that it introduces us to Cauldron. You remember him, don't you? The villain so important he went on to have two whole other appearances in the intervening 17 years.

That, my friend, was what the 90's were all about.

(Not to mention gratuitous Lobo appearances)

Sketch by Ed Hannigan
Pencils by Jackson Guice
Inks by Jackson Guice
Colors by Susanne Bourdages

Action Comics #695
January 1994
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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