Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Best Worst of 90's Cover Gimmicks Week, Day #3

Cruising right along, today's entry in our week long celebration of 90's excess is a rather whimsical one.

Superman Red Superman Blue #1

It's kind of a clever play on the two different colored Supermen (one blue and one red) by having the cover be three dimensional with the classic red and blue triple images.

With that being said, it seems a bit of a wasted opportunity that the only thing in 3-D for this book is the cover. It's a 50+ page jam book, which would seem to lend itself quite naturally to this type of gimmick.

Although in hindsight, I suppose it shows a very commendable amount of restraint for the time period.

Pencils by Dan Jurgens
Inks by Brett Breeding
3-D Separations by Ray Zone

Superman Red Superman Blue
February 1998
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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