Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The old switcheroo...

At last, after forty years of super-villain shenanigans, the true meaning of evil is about to make itself known.

And brought on by Superman, no less!

Now we all know that that's not the real Superman.

Bonus points for anyone out there who knows which one of the super-villains at their feet is the real Superman.

And super-double bonus points to anyone out there who knows the identity of the rather generic looking fella on the right.

And super-triple bonus points to anyone out there who knows what blockbuster series took this storyline and expanded upon it almost three decades later.

Script by Gerry Conway
Pencils by Dick Dillin
Inks by Frank McLaughlin
Colors by Gerry Serpe
Letters by Ben Oda

Justice League Of America #166
The Long Way Home
May 1979
Copyright (c) DC Comics


  1. 1. The Wizard (in the green hoodie) has switched bodies with Supes.
    2. The generic guy on the right is the Blockbuster, who has switched bodies with Batman.
    3. I haven't bought a new comic book since the late 70's; I only knew the first 2 because they're in the very enjoyable collection "JLA: The Greatest Stories Ever Told".

    Yay! Bonus points!

  2. Two out of three ain't bad. That's what I got, as I had absolutely no recollection of who Blockbuster was when I was scanning through this issue.

    As for the third question...this particular storyline was the one referenced in Identity Crisis that pushed some heroes into the drastic step of erasing the memories of certain super villains to protect their personal lives.

    Love it or hate it, Identity Crisis is an important book in the modern age as it really set the tone for the DCU under Dan Didio's editorial guidance.