Monday, May 27, 2013

Adventures in horrible costume design

This has to be one of the worst costume designs I've seen in a long time.  Ladies and gentlemen...I present to you, the Gyronaut!

It's not the aesthetics, as the long blades spanning out from the collar definitely create a "unique" look.

No, this has everything to do with functionality.

It's not bad enough that when in use, the costume has ten steel blades that spin around like a helicopter, thus giving you the ability to fly and make your getaway.

No, the real kicker is that this suit is remote controlled by your partner!  That's right, you're up there flying around with the blades of death spinning inches from your neck, and you're not even in control of your own destiny!

Thanks, but I think I'd rather take the bus than strap myself into that flying death-trap.

And as near as I could tell, The Superman Family #196 from July/August 1979 was his only appearance.

What do you think...Potential left unfulfilled, or likely decapitation averted?

Script by Jack C. Harris
Pencils by Don Heck
Inks by Bob Smith
Colors by Jerry Serpe
Letters by Shelly Leferman

The Superman Family #106
"Displaced Double Identity"
July/August 1979 
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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