Friday, May 24, 2013

The Randomizer finds a new home!

Longtime readers are probably aware that my first attempt at comic book blogging was over at The Random Longbox.

It was a site where I would let a highly customized computer randomly pick out a comic book from my vast collection that I would then have to read and talk about. It was a fun way to go through my collection and re-read alot of stuff that I wouldn't normally gravitate to right away.

That site eventually got mothballed and fell into dis-use as my real-life schedule got too complex for regular blogging. Still, I always enjoyed the randomness of it all, so I'm taking the Randomizer out of storage and hooking it back up here at Superman 101. This time, however, I've reprogrammed it to only select from the Superman family of books.

This blog has always been relatively random as it was, so look forward to things being "very" random in the future...I guess?  At the very least, we'll take a little more in depth look into the books chosen by the Randomizer and attempt to do some longer posts.

Now, it's time for the inaugural pull of the randomizer lever to see what book falls into our crosshairs for this week.

And the first one out of the gate is Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #9 from May 1959!

We are in for a treat, as the one-and-only Pat Boone shows up to serenade his biggest fan, Lois Lane!  But how does this turn of events threaten to expose Superman's secret identity?  You'll just have to come back next week and find out.

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