Friday, May 17, 2013

...and we're back it's been a while.

Honestly, we may end up saying the same thing again next year, after this post goes dormant. I'd like to think not, but we shall see.

So yeah, I'm back. In what capacity? That remains to be seen, but I've missed blogging about comics. Superman comics, specifically!! I don't think I'm going to be as bold as last time and try to do a post a day, but we'll see.

To get things started, I just took a random jog through my books and pulled out this one.  Superman #231, from November of 1970!



A precursor to the recent WTF cover gimmick, perhaps?

So what is the cause of so much consternation that they have to question reality right there on the cover?

Here's a multiple choice quiz. Put your Bronze Age Thinking Cap on, and I'll see you in a day or two for the answer.

  • That's really Lois trapped inside the orange robot after one of her patented secret identity schemes go awry.
  • That's not really Clark getting punched, but Lex Luthor?!
  • This was the one time that a villains scheme of using a robot worked to defeat Superman.  Sadly, there were never any Superman issues after this one as a result.

All right Superfans...see you in a day or two!

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