Wednesday, May 18, 2011

C-List Villain Week - The Atomic Skull

It's day three of C-List Villains Week, and on tap for today is a character referenced earlier in the week. Yes, so lame he showed up twice!

The Atomic Skull

Albert Michaels was a brilliant, if slightly un-hinged, scientist. Unfortunately for him, he is afflicted by a neural disorder that gives him painful seizures. Unable to find a cure by himself, he puts his hopes into the criminal organization SKULL. They implant a nuclear powered device into his brain that channels his seizures into atomic brain blasts, and the Atomic Skull is born!

It's only after Superman puts the best and brightest SKULL scientists behind bars, that the Atomic Skull blames Superman for his condition as he has ruined his chance for them to finally cure him. I suppose breaking the scientists out of jail would be infinitely harder than just destroying Superman, but I guess there's the reason he's just a c-lister.

Script by Martin Pasko
Pencils by Curt Swan
Inks by Dan Adkins
Colors by Jerry Serpe
Letters by Ben Oda

Superman #323
The Man With The Self-Destruct Mind!
May 1978
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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