Monday, May 2, 2011

Now here's a guy who paid attention to the little details

So I'm reading through a stack of The Superman Family issues that I picked up at a recent auction held by my LCS, and came upon something interesting.

Remember that post where Superman was flying through space listening to the "music of the spheres" on his portable cassette recorder? Here's a link in case you forgot.

Well it turns out that that wasn't just a one-off occurrence like I had assumed.

I wasn't reading the Superman books regularly during the late 70s, but was this a regular thing then? And as if continuity isn't confusing enough sometimes, this is actually the Earth-2 Superman and the previous post is the Earth-1 Superman!

Now I know you're sitting back in your chair thinking "damn, this couldn't get any more interesting", but you'd be wrong!

The previous post of Superman zipping through space recording the music of the planets was written by a writer I had never heard of before, but with an unforgettable name...Beppe Sabatini!

And who should have a letter printed in this very issue, some six years prior?

That's right, Beppe Sabatini!

I suppose it's possible that there could be two Beppe Sabatini's in the world, but narrow the field down to how many of them can be connected by Superman's taste in intergalactic space music, and I think we're looking at the same guy here.

If you're out there Mr. Sabatini, drop by and say hello.

Script by Cary Bates
Pencils by Kurt Schaffenberger
Inks by Dan Adkins
Colors by Anthony Tollin
Letters by Milton Snapinn

The Superman Family #195
Lois Lane's Super-Risk
May/June 1979
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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  1. Hi Tom, yep, both of those are me. I was an avid letter writer in the late seventies and an occasional scripter in the eighties. The scene of Superman listening to space music wasn't inspired by the earlier Superman Family story, but rather, by one of my writing workshops, in which the director (Tess Tavormina -- a Clarion Workshop organizer) played whale song music to relax and inspire all of us.
    All the Best,
    Beppe Sabatini