Thursday, May 19, 2011

C-List Villain Week - Bloodsport!

Today's C-List Villain made his debut early on in Byrne's run, but never quite caught on with any sort of lasting impact.


Yeah, he managed to show up a handful of times here and there, but I defy anyone to name for me the definitive Bloodsport story that wasn't Superman #4.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Someone must have thought the gimmick of teleporting weapons from a secret warehouse was a good enough one for a recurring villain, that they tried it again with another person taking on the persona of Bloodsport. Although this was the 90's by now, and it was no longer bad-ass enough to just have the word blood as part of your name. No, this time let's make him a hard core racist to boot!

Where are they now? I think they're both dead? Maybe? But someone is running around as Bloodsport again?

I suppose I could pull the longboxes and double-check, but after all, he's just a c-list villain.

Script by John Byrne
Pencils by John Byrne
Inks by Karl Kesel
Colors by Anthony Tollin
Letters by John Costanza

Superman (Vol. 2) #4
April 1987
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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  1. can Someone make bloodsport alot taller than superman and alot hulking and with super strength and super might with grenades and bombs in his hands to fight and crush superman
    with his fists and he has the strength of tombstone from marvel comics and he uses bombs and hand grendes and nuclear missiles and turbo rockets to destroyer other villians too and bloodsport should be a target in D.C comics and Bloodsport should fight superboy in a big battle agaist eacthother and they don't saying to eachother they just fight without chatting and bloodsport should fist fight Bane in a cartoon DVD series and loss and his ablities can still be hand to hand combat