Friday, May 20, 2011

C-List Villain Week - Terra-Man!

It's time to close out our week of c-list villains with the rootenest, tootenest c-lister this side of the milky way galaxy.


His origin story is kind of a neat twist on the old "white man raised by indians" plot. Back in the old west, after his father was killed by aliens, Toby was taken under their wing and raised by aliens. Mastering their technology and weapons, he becomes an interstellar outlaw and eventually a Superman villain.

If there was ever a c-list villain who was one decent story away from getting drafted to the big leagues, it's probably our boy Toby Manning here.

Alas, I don't know if he has a good story in him. It's hard to take him seriously when every one of his schemes and weapons is based on some old west trope like tumbleweeds, cactus', or branding. Even the master of Rebirths, Geoff Johns himself, didn't give him much more than a passing cameo in 52. Granted, it was a memorable cameo, what with getting ripped in half and all.

The sad thing is, is maybe that was his one decent story. I bet if you asked ten comic book fans to name their favorite Terra-Man story, his bit in 52 would be the only story most people could remember.

Rest in peace, ya darn c-lister!

Script by Paul Kupperberg
Pencils by Curt Swan
Inks by Dave Hunt
Colors by Anthony Tollin
Letters by Milt Snapinn

Superman #377
Terra Times Two!
November 1982
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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