Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Characters Continuity Forgot #6

The Tempter!

Making a grand total of one appearance in print, the Tempter didn't do a very good job tempting the readers into demanding more appearances.

A veritable blank slate of a character, he spends this issue whispering diabolical sweet nothings into the ear of Superman, tempting him to react to his baser instincts. He's good, and soon has Superman convinced he must destroy Midway City!

The plots a tad more convoluted than that, throwing Kandorian scientists and the Hawks into the mix, only to have true love surface to save the day. But honestly, if the creators of the character can't be bothered to give a little more backstory for the Tempter than I've probably already spent too much time examining him anyways.

So until some enterprising, young Grant Morrison wannabe upstart pulls him from obscurity for a starring role in the current DCU, he remains a character continuity forgot.

Script by Mike Friedrich
Pencils by Dick Dillin
Inks by Joe Giella

World's Finest Comics #209
Meet The Tempter--And Die!
February 1972
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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