Thursday, August 18, 2011

The >sob< Lois Lane >gasp< Emotional Trainwreck >choke< Week #4

So yeah, Lois was quite the emotional roller coaster during the Silver Age, but not always.

Every once in a while you got a gem of a story like The Satanic Schemes of S.K.U.L.! that showed her using all of her investigative skills to go undercover into a satanic cult that was hell-bent on killing Superman.

Nary a >choke<, >sob<, >gulp<, or >gasp< is to be found...except for the title page.

Lois is a team player. She knew that you had to lay the melodrama on a little think every now and again to help sell the story, even if you had things well in had.

Script by Leo Dorfman
Pencils by Kurt Schaffenberger
Inks by Kurt Schaffenberger

Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #63
The Satanic Schemes Of S.K.U.L.!
February 1966
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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