Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Greatest face mask ever!

Hmmmm...let's see...

You've escaped imprisonment in a Soviet Socialist Republic prison camp after giving yourself super powers by using a blend of three ancient Kryptonian hyper-explosives that crash landed on Earth after being banned and sent into the vastness of space.

So did the Kryptonian's fire off any rockets that didn't eventually crash on Earth?

Anyways, you're now set up with a new life in America and it's time to make Superman pay for never having rescued you from your slave labor, only there is one have a killer Iron Curtain mustache that you're unwilling to shave off and will no doubt give away your identity.

What to do?

Design the world's greatest face mask, that's what!

Script by Leo Dorfman
Pencils by Wayne Boring
Inks by Wayne Boring

Action Comics #357
The Kryptonite Rumble!
December 1967
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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