Friday, August 19, 2011

The >sob< Lois Lane >gasp< Emotional Trainwreck >choke< Week #5

Don't worry Lois, just drink the serum like a good girl. It's only an imaginary story, so you'll either live happily ever after with Superman...or die on the last panel in some tragic fashion.

And since it's the last day of our theme week, let's live a little and break the one panel format with Superman getting a little melo-drama of his own!

WARNING...Spoiler filled bonus panel...WARNING

Yep, she died.

Artwork by Kurt Schaffenberger

Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #51
The Three Wives Of Superman! Part 1
The Terrible Secret of Mrs. Lois Superman!

August 1964
Copyright (c) DC Comics


  1. supes reaction here doesn't quite live up to his melodrama in supeman the movie, when lois dies...

  2. Yeah, definitely more Crisis on Infinite Earths than Superman: The Movie.