Saturday, June 25, 2011

Awesome Colan Cover!

So I'm sure by now, everyone has heard of the passing of Gene Colan on Thursday. He was a heckuva artist, and there has been no shortage of tributes all over the comic book blogosphere.

Here at Superman 101, we'll fondly remember his great talents by using one of his covers for our semi-regular Saturday awesome cover posts. And since this is a Superman blog, we'll pick one with Superman in it.

Over the years, Gene was known as the Marvel horror guy during the 70's, and even though he worked for DC in the 80's quite a bit, he tended to stay in the Batman corner of things and didn't do too much Superman stuff. In fact, I could only find one cover that he ever did where he actually drew Superman.

So without further ado, the world's greatest Gene Colan Superman cover (by virtue of being the only Gene Colan Superman cover)...World's Finest Comics #297

Rest in peace.

Pencils by Gene Colan
Inks by Klaus Janson

World's Finest Comics #297
November 1983
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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