Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Famous' Firsts - Alan Moore

It's the first day of the month, and that means Famous' Firsts!

Today's entry features a writer who hasn't written a ton of Superman work, but what he has written definitely stands out in Superman history...Alan Moore!

That's right, before he would go on to write The Man Who Has Everything... and Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?, Superman showed up with the Justice League in the pages of Moore's breakout hit The Saga Of The Swamp Thing.

Here's Superman's first panel from that issue.

Everything old is new again, as The Search For Swamp Thing is set to be released this month, with both Superman and Hawkman on the cover of the first issue!

And as a bonus first, I suppose this is Stephen Bissette's first published Superman as well!

Script by Alan Moore
Pencils by Stephen Bissette
Inks by John Totleben
Colors by Tatjana Wood
Letters by John Costanza

The Saga Of The Swamp Thing
May 1984
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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