Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Characters Continuity Forgot #5

a.k.a. The Sand Superman

Once a major player in the de-powering of Superman in the early 70's, he/she/it hasn't been seen again since shuffling back off into the Quarmm Dimension after duking it out with Superman, Captain Marvel, and Black Adam in 1978.

Seeping into our universe through a dimensional crack that was left behind after the explosion that destroyed all Kryptonite on Earth, the shapeless being from Quarmm passed over Superman's unconscious body and was charged with his mental and physical vibrations. Slowly, over the next twelve issues, the doppelganger drained more and more of Superman's powers through a psychic link.

As it became more powerful, Superman weakened to such a point that his ability to protect the Earth was threatened. As is bound to happen in such situations, the two fight. Quarmer soon realized that there is only room for one Superman on Earth, and he departs back into his own dimension still possessing all of the abilities that he "borrowed" from Superman.

You'd think that an inter-dimensional being that contains half the power of Superman (and could destroy Superman himself with but a single touch) would have made more than one other appearance after his initial storyline wrapped up.

You'd think so, but it's just another case of a character continuity forgot.

Script by Denny O'Neil
Pencils by Curt Swan
Inks by Murphy Anderson

Superman #241
The Shape Of Fear!
August 1971
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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