Thursday, June 9, 2011

Superman Sketchbook #5

Today's sketch is a beautiful piece featuring the Golden Age Superman, from the talented hand of Ronald Salas!

Currently making his home over at Boom! doing some cover work, Ron broke into the business along with super-hot writer Nick Spencer, doing the pencils for Existence 2.0. With talent in abundance and friends in high places, it's only a matter of time before we start seeing a lot more of his work.

Check out his website and his deviantART page for more awesome sketches, and for the details on commissioning your own piece of work. Get it while it's still reasonably priced!

Artwork by Ronald Salas


  1. this is awesome!! have you seen some of the pics of the new superman? whats ur opinion on this? im still trying to make up my mind.

  2. Hey Nathan-

    I love Ron's work, how he hasn't been snapped up by one of the biggies yet is beyond me.

    As for the redesign, I've been kind of keeping my powder dry till we get an official announcement from DC. I have seen the leaked covers Bleeding Cool posted, and I'll probably have a more in depth post up once they officially hit. initial reaction to the new costume was "eh, could've definitely been worse."

    I'm going to do my best to just roll with the punches for the relaunch. After three years of Mon-El, Nightwing, Flamebird, Luthor, and an emasculated Superman filling out the pages of the Superman books, I'm just happy to have the real deal back. If the price of getting some good stories with Superman in them is "seams in the outfit" and "metallic boots," well then I guess that's what we got for the time being.

    Today (or tomorrow) should be an interesting day.

  3. yeh, i agree, the writing team for the new series is solid. I can't wait to read Grant Morrison on a modern Superman ( i count All Star as a silver age story but in a modern setting). The new costume isn't terrible, but the fact it looks like armour is worrying and the boots are far too clunky. Still im trying to keep an open mind, I am very pleased Superman will be the first Superhero again as it would be cool for him to have that "authority" again.