Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Man Of Steel 25th Birthday Celebration Week - The Super-Villain!

The crew at the Daily Planet weren't the only members of the supporting cast getting a little update in The Man Of Steel, as Byrne played around with a couple of villains as well. With Lex Luthor, Byrne really focused his ambitions and made him a true antagonist for Superman for years to come.

Gone was the mad scientist with a petty beef towards Superman that dated back to a science experiment gone wrong, resulting in the lost off Luthor's hair when Superboy saves him.

In its place is the Machiavellian businessman and philanthropist, who soon finds out that his money can't "buy" Superman like it can everything else that he wants. Combine that with the fact that Superman's public debut has just usurped his position as Metropolis' favorite son, and you have a truly desperate character who will stop at nothing to destroy Superman.

All that rage, anger, and disappointment is captured perfectly in Lex's mug shot after he's arrested.

The nerve of Superman, interfering with Lex's plans!

Script by John Byrne
Pencils by John Byrne
Inks by Dick Giordano
Colors by Tom Ziuko
Letters by John Costanza

The Man Of Steel #4
Enemy Mine...
August 1986
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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