Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Superman Sketchbook #6

Today's sketch is a real treat from a Superman artist who kinda got the short end of the stick, Ivan Reis.

The spring of 2004 was a time of rebirth for the Superman titles, as the Loeb/Kelly/Casey era was wrapping up, paving the way for all new creative teams. Superman was given to Jim Lee and Brian Azzarello to sheppard, while The Adventures of Superman was left in the capable hands of Greg Rucka.

And Action Comics? Visually, it was on the right track with Ivan Reis on hand for the pencils. And boy, did that book look good. As for how it read, that's another question entirely, as teamed with Ivan was none other than Chuck Austen! While his run on Action was nowhere near the train wreck that Uncanny X-Men was under his guidance, he did give it the old college try. That, however, is probably an avenue best left explored in some posts of its own right.

For today, let's just look upon some unencumbered pencils from the now superstar artist, Ivan Reis.

Pencils by Ivan Reis
Inks by Marc Campos


  1. i remember during that run they had a small image in the corner of the comics of the iconic chain breaking as drawn by ivan. i always thought that was really cool, but yeah the writing was terrible. i wasn't keen on For Tomorrow either but Rucka's run is one of my favourite.

  2. I'm a big advocate of a little something different up in the top left hand corner of comic books. It takes me back to my golden age of reading in the mid-80's when Marvel used to have all of the different head shots on their team books.

    And for For Tomorrow, that's a story that I definitely need to go back and reread in one seating to see how it is now. I remember wanting to like it, and there was a thing or two that was kinda cool from that run, but ultimately it was disappointing.

    I don't, however, have any burning desire to reread the Chuck Austen stuff, whether or not they have Reis on pencils.

  3. yeah, to begin with the for tommorow was kinda interesting, superman versus that weird monster with claws looked cool but it very quickly got weird and very out of character, for everyone!

  4. It's weird that you bring up Equus, as I was just looking at the newly released cover for Justice League #3 by Jim Lee and I thought "hey look, they're bringing back Equus!".