Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Weekly Panel of Steel #9

I'm just having too much fun with Flashpoint to not make it the Weekly Panel of Steel two weeks in a row!

We got a taste of what Superman was going to be all about in last week's Flashpoint: Project Superman #1, but here we see the real deal in action.

Kept in isolation and away from the sun for thirty years, Kal-El has become a pale, withered version of the hero we all know and love. He's the subject of a jailbreak, as Barry tries to assemble the Justice League from his memories, and what better place to start than with the man of steel.

I love how we see the power inherent in Superman in this panel, not with any sort of showy fashion, but by the awe reflected in Batman, Flash, and Cyborg's faces as they witness Superman flying for the first time.

So far, this mini-series is delivering on all levels, and I'm enjoying the heck out of Superman's part in it.

Script by Geoff Johns
Pencils by Andy Kubert
Inks by Sandra Hope
Colors by Alex Sinclair
Letters by Nick J. Napolitano

Flashpoint #3
Chapter Three of Five
September 2011
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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