Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Silver Age Flaming C!

So last weekend, the world's greatest comic book store was having one of their semi-regular auctions, this one dealing with a whole lot of Silver Age books. I was able to pick up about 40 books for a little over 3 bucks a piece, filling in a bunch of holes in my collection.

While looking through my new found treasures, I came a across a character I was unfamiliar with.

One thought immediately sprung to mind...is this the first Silver Age appearance of The Flaming C?

He's obviously had some lasik surgery since his debut, and learned about the finer art of Jai Alai, but no...it's just another crime fighting robot from the 27th century, who goes by the name of Captain Incredible, wreaking havoc in our time period.

Script by Cary Bates
Pencils by Al Plastino
Inks by Al Plastino

Action Comics #354
Captain Incredible!
September 1967
Copyright (c) DC Comics


  1. Ah, yeah! When I finally read this one recently, I really liked it.

  2. Yeah, I liked it too!

    I love how the earnestness if the Silver Age takes precedent over logic and structure. It makes reading these stories as an adult fun.

  3. TomO,
    Commander Benson, a Silver Age aesthete of great renown, has written a fun article about the 2 network TV series, "Mr. Terrific" and "Captain Nice", that tried to capture some of the popularity of the 1960's Batman series, and which served as the inspiration for Cary Bates' "Captain Incredible!".
    The good Commander's article can be found at the "Captain Comics" webpage, which you might enjoy. I'd leave a link, but I'm maladroit.

  4. This was Cary Bates' very first Superman story.