Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Weekly Panel of Steel #12

So having just got back from a business trip to Cincinnati last night, I was content to just let a regular post go up today even though we had an abundance of riches with comic books featuring Superman released yesterday. After all, there'd be time enough to do a Weekly Panel of Steel later on in the week, as I was just going to read one book before bed.

And you can probably see where this is going.

The one book I decided to read was Flashpoint: Project Superman #2, and damn if that book didn't knock me on my ass. Aside from the mini-series proper, there're two spin-off mini's that I'm enjoying immensely. The first one is the Frankenstein mini by Jeff Lemire, and the second is this one.

As soon as I think I know where they're going in each one, they throw a curveball into the mix. For Project Superman, it was the addition of Lois Lane. I should've guessed she'd show up, what with her dad a major player and all, but her showing up was a complete shock.

Even then, I didn't expect her to have any interaction with Kal, but then they had to go ahead and give us the Weekly Panel of Steel.

With Subject Zero ready to kill General Lane's daughter to make a point, Kal instinctively puts himself in harm's way to prevent it.

That just goes to show, you can take the solar radiation out of the kryptonian, but you can't take the super out of the hero!

Plot by Scott Snyder & Lowell Francis
Script by Lowell Francis
Art by Gene Ha
Colors by Art Lyon
Letters by Rob Leigh

Flashpoint: Project Superman #2
In These Small Hands
September 2011
Copyright (c) DC Comics

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